CE China, a global IFA event, is designed to be China's premier trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances brands in China.

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We promise to protect your personal privacy. You don't need to provide any personal information to access most of the pages on our site. However, sometimes we do need certain information to provide you with the services you request. This privacy statement explains the collection and use of data in these situations. This privacy statement applies only to this website.

Collection of your information
We may need information that identifies you (user's personal information) or information for contacting you. Generally, we will ask you for this information when you purchase or register a product on this website. The personal information collected on this website is usually limited to basic information such as user name, contact number, contact address, QQ number, etc. However, other information may need to be collected when providing the service you requested.

This website also collects certain information about your computer software and hardware. This information may include: your IP address, browser type, operating system, domain name, access time, and associated network site address. This information is used to run the service, to assure the quality of the service, and to provide general statistical information about the use of this website.

This website also collects information about which pages customers have visited on this website. These site access data are only identified by a unique ID number, which will never be linked to personal information unless the user agrees, as described below.

Use of your information

Your personal information could be used for following main purposes:

1. Make sure our website meets your requirements.
2. Transfer the services you request or purchase, such as products.
3. Help us create and deliver content that is closer to you.
4. Remind you to obtain product upgrade information, special products, update information and other new services from this website (if you request these services).
5. Allows you to access areas of our website that have certain restrictions.
6. By agreeing to this Agreement, it is deemed to allow us to send promotional information related to our products to your communication tools.

For the sake of research, we will combine site access data and anonymous statistics, and then we may use this accumulated information to provide content that is closer to you. In certain restricted access sections of this website, if you agree, we will combine your personal information and site visit data to provide you with personalized content. If you refuse us to do so, we will not provide you with a personalized service, nor will you combine your personal information and site access data.

We occasionally hire other companies to provide limited services on our behalf, including packing, mailing, and sending purchased items, answering customer questions about products or services, mailing letters, and handling meeting registrations. We only provide those companies with the information they need for these services and prohibit them from being used for other purposes.

This website will disclose your personal information as required by law, or have good reason to believe that it must be done: (a) to meet the express requirements of the law, or to comply with the legal procedures applicable to this website or this site; (b) Protect the rights or property of this website and its series of network sites, and (c) protect the personal safety of employees of this website, users of the products or services of this website or the general public in an emergency.

Control of your personal information
When you provide personal information to us through registration or other means, this website will not share this information with third parties without permission, except those listed above. This information is used only for the purposes mentioned earlier.

This website may send short messages or telephone calls regularly to inform you of technical services or security issues related to the products or services you request, or to confirm the products or services you request. You cannot choose to revoke these services because they are an essential part of the service you choose.

This website strictly protects the security of your personal information. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. For example, we store personal information you provide on computer servers located in controlled locations, and access to these servers is limited. When transmitting sensitive information (such as credit card numbers) over the Internet, we protect information by using encryption (such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocols.

Use of Cookies
When a person visits a site, a Cookie is left on his computer (if the customer agrees to accept the Cookie), and if the customer has visited the site before, the site will read the Cookie. One of Cookie's uses is to help collect site access statistics described above.

We also use Cookie to collect information about news courier links clicked by customers. This information is used to ensure that the information we send to our customers is exactly what they want to read. We collect this information in cumulative form, and it will never be linked to your personal information.

Web beacon (also known as Clear Gif Graphics) or activity tags may be used on our site to help deliver cookies. This technology lets us know how many visitors clicked on key elements (such as links or graphics) on the website's web page. We do not use this technology to obtain your personal identifiable information on this website; it is only a tool for counting the cumulative usage of this website's web site. We may share cumulative site statistics with partner companies, but we do not allow other companies to put clear GIF graphics on our site.

If you choose not to let the browser receive Cookies on the Web site, you can browse the text on the screen, but you can't experience personalized browsing access, nor can you subscribe to the services provided on the site.


If you have comments on this privacy statement, please contact us by e-mail.

About the website
1. The copyright of articles in this website (including articles transferred) belongs to the original author only. If the author has a copyright declaration or the article is reproduced from other websites with the copyright declaration of the original ownership site, the copyright ownership shall be subject to the attached declaration.
2. The website shall be exempted from liability for the leakage of personal data and any legal disputes and consequences arising from the leakage of personal data from other websites linked to this website.
3. When the judicial organs of the government require the website to disclose personal data in accordance with legal procedures, we will provide personal data according to the requirements of law enforcement units or for the purpose of public security. In this case, the website is exempt from liability for any disclosure.

About website operation
1. This website will be notified in advance if it needs to suspend service due to system maintenance or upgrade. This website is not liable for any inconvenience or loss caused by the suspension of service due to hardware failure or other force majeure outside our control.
2. This website shall be exempted from any personal data leakage, loss, embezzlement or alteration caused by the force majeure of the year 2000 computer problem, hacker attack, computer virus intrusion or attack, temporary closure caused by government control, etc., which affects the normal operation of the network.

About legal responsibility

1. If the users of this website violate the laws of the People's Republic of China by violating of the provisions of this statement,they shall be responsible for all the consequences and this website shall not bear any responsibility.
2. Anyone who accesses this website in any way or directly or indirectly uses the materials on this website is deemed to be willing to accept the restrictions of this website.
3. The issues not covered in this statement are referred to the relevant laws and regulations of the State. When this statement conflicts with the laws and regulations of the State, the state laws and regulations shall prevail.

About final right of interpretation
We reserve the right of this statement and its modification, renewal and final interpretation